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Day-trip: an afternoon in Haarlem

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 by in All Photos, The Netherlands | 0 comments

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What better way to spend a windy afternoon than going on a day-trip? If we can call this a day-trip: Haarlem is so close to Amsterdam that it doesn’t really feel like leaving the city. Only 15-20 minutes in the train and you’re there. 

Yesterday afternoon I decided to see how the beautiful city of Haarlem looks like in autumn. There weren’t many yellow leaves left in the trees and a powerful wind was trying to send me back to Amsterdam (I guess), but I didn’t give up. I roamed the cosy streets of the old center, stopping here and there to warm up with a cappuccino and hide from the rain — The Coffee Bakery and Klein Parijs in Haarlem were nice discoveries. I did a bit of shopping as well, because Haarlem has a good collection of interesting shops, and I even had an ice cream at Gelateria Bartoli. Because a sore throat is best treated with ice cream! 

There are a few museums in Haarlem, but I wasn’t there for museums. I just wanted to feel the city vibe, to enjoy the quiet streets, with almost no tourists in sight. I loved the Binnen Spaarne main canal with the windmill De Adriaan and the beautiful houses along it. I also discovered a pretty street scattered with art galleries — Spaarnwouderstraat — which leads the way towards Amsterdamse Poort, the old city gate. The laid-back atmosphere, the friendly people, beautiful architecture, they all made me think I should visit more often, especially when I want to change the décor and find a quieter place to spend the weekend.

See you soon, Haarlem!

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