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This week is a staycation week for me. That means I took a few days off to relax at home. I’m enjoying the city as much as I can, and some parts of the country as well. Today I wasn’t very inspired — the first day of November was a gloomy day, not at all inviting or inspiring. I wanted to attend the free lunch concert at the Concertgebouw, but I arrived there 15 minutes after they started to hand out the free tickets, only to find out that they were all gone. Very disappointed, I decided to visit a museum instead, to use my newly acquired Museum Card, so I went to the Stedelijk Museum

After that, de Pijp neighbourhood seemed like a good idea. It was a short visit because I was freezing and it started to rain. I managed to make a stop at Sir Hummus for a tasty falafel pita, Things I Like Things I Love — where I bought a coat, Albert Cuyp Market (where I didn’t buy anything) and then I rushed home and enjoyed the rest of the day on the couch (The Couch Revolution, as I like to call it). 

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