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The month dedicated to Utrecht province has ended, and here I come with a little sum-up. Utrecht was a lovely province to discover, although I regret now for choosing to do it in February. Utrecht is a green province, which is best enjoyed in warmer months. Visiting the cities was fine, but biking in the countryside was not an option. And I think that’s a big loss, as there are not many cities to visit. I would like to find the time to go on a bike trip through the green fields, from one castle to another, from one village to another. There are many beautiful biking routes in the province. Utrecht — the city –, is an old love of mine, but this month I also discovered Amersfoort, which is an absolute gem! I’ve shown you a fairy-tale castle — Kasteel de Haar, and two villages — Woerden and Abcoude. Also, the two museums in Amersfoort that I think you should not skip: Mondriaanhuis and Museum Flehite.

Here is a list of the main places to see in this part of the country (you will receive it as a downloadable PDF if you are subscribed to the newsletter).

Dutch Provinces: Utrecht

”Discover the Netherlands, Province by Province” project – each month of 2022 is dedicated to one Dutch province.

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