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The Most Beautiful Village in Utrecht Province: Abcoude

Posted on Feb 27, 2022 by

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They say Abcoude is the most beautiful village in the Utrecht region, so I had to go see it. Abcoude is at the northern “border” of the province, very close to Amsterdam. It’s easy to reach by train or even by boat. According to Wikipedia, Abcoude is known as the only town whose name starts with the letters A, B, and C in that order and ends with D and E in that order. Well known for its fort (Fort bij Abcoude), it’s an old village with historical buildings and interesting bridges.

The day was sunny (albeit chilly) and it was a pleasure to walk around on the streets of this village. I combined Abcoude with Woerden, so I was already a bit tired when I arrived here. However, the visit was pleasant. The village was quiet, with only a few people around, enjoying the sun and the spring flowers. The fort wasn’t open on that day. I walked around, and my favourite part was Voordijk, along the Angstel River. It was so peaceful; people were out, caring for their boats or cleaning the destruction that storm Eunice brought. I even made a friend, a local photographer walking his dog, and we chatted a bit on my way to Abcoudemeer. It was fun to see people riding horses or horse-drawn carriages, it added to the idyllic village atmosphere. Abcoude was famous in the past for its traditional Horse Market, which nowadays was transformed into a five days celebration — De Abcouder Feestweek, with music, food and activities.

I think Abcoude would be best enjoyed in the warmer months, when you can sail in and around it, take bike trips or long walks around the village, exploring the countryside. I enjoyed my visit, although after two months of exploration, I can promise you that winter is not the best season to visit the Dutch countryside. Stick to the cities in winter and go visit the villages in warmer months!

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