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Last year, Liberation Day was a sunny and pleasant day, almost summer-like. This year, the weather didn’t want to cooperate with us. I was planning to take advantage of my free day and go for a day-trip to Deventer. When I woke up and saw the clouds, I decided to postpone it and to go for a walk and a brunch in De Pijp neighbourhood instead. I got dressed, took my camera, went outside to wait for the tram. Three minutes later, I was on my way back home: the cold wind convinced me that this is a day to spend inside, in the warm house, cuddling with the cat. So I prepared a healthy brunch and ate it while watching TV. It’s good to be lazy from time to time, while waiting for the spring to arrive.

Cat on the balcony
Part of my garden
Indoor plants
Signs of spring in the house
Avocado kimchi sandwich
Pancakes with fruits and magnolia blossom honey
Eating in front of the TV
Sleeping cat

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