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Dutch Provinces: Noord-Holland

”Discover the Netherlands, Province by Province” project – each month of 2022 is dedicated to one Dutch province.

The month dedicated to the Noord-Holland province has now ended. I visited a few places where I’ve never been before — like Medemblik, and I’ve introduced you to others that I visit often but I didn’t have the change to write about just yet — like Bergen. We’ve also been to Schagen and Volendam and explored Den Helder on a misty morning, and I hope you enjoyed it! There are still places to see and many places I have already talked about on this blog, so I thought I should make a list of the main places to see in this part of the country. You can keep this for your future travel plans and if you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive it as a printable PDF (as well as the ones I will produce at the end of each month).

Now, onto the next province! February will be dedicated to Utrecht province: the smallest of the 12, but with many beautiful places to see (including castles!). Stay tuned 😉

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