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Spring Snow Time in Amsterdam

Posted on May 18, 2017 by

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Every year, somewhere between April and May, the elm trees cover the streets of Amsterdam in what is called the “spring snow“.  There are a lot of these trees in the city, more than 75,000 of them.

The seeds — rustling little flakes — fly over the city, over the streets and canals, they get into your house and sometimes make a mess in parts of Amsterdam. I like this time of the year, I love the sound the elm trees make when the wind blows through their branches, I like to see the paper-like cases flying in the air and creating a carpet on the street. It’s a real celebration of spring and good weather, time to stop and smell the roses listen to the elm trees scattering their seeds. 

Spring Snow in Amsterdam 01
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 02
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 03
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 04
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 05
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 06
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 07
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 08
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 09
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 10
Spring Snow in Amsterdam 11

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  1. I just love your photos! It’s amazing how peaceful Amsterdam looks on them. My favourite is the one with a car reflection in the water. Beautiful!

    • Thank you! It was actually a special day, the first really warm day of this spring, and that part of the city was quiet and peaceful indeed 🙂

  2. Love the photography!

  3. We’ve been getting a lot of them blowing into our office.

    Great photos 🙂


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