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Remembering how to relax, on a rainy Saturday

Posted on May 13, 2017 by

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Life was quite hectic lately and I felt overwhelmed by all the things I had to do. Today, finally, it felt like I could slow down and relax a bit. I woke up to the soothing sound of rain on the windows, and, surprisingly, instead of wanting to stay in bed and read, I couldn’t wait to go outside. So I went out in the rain, walking around the lovely Haarlemmerbuurt neighbourhood. It was warm and there was no trace of wind, making my walk very enjoyable. I had a flavourful flat white at Toki, I went to the Noordermarkt for fresh spring herbs and honey, and then came home to do some gardening.

The evening will be lazy as well, watching the new season of Sense8 while sipping fresh lemon balm tea. How was your day?

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