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Finally, a few sunny days! Nature is starting the seasonal parade, with delicate cherry blossom, spring flowers and pale green leaves. These photos are from last year, because Alkmaar is a few days behind Amsterdam with the spring parade — I guess being 40 kilometres to the north explains the colder weather 🙂 But this is what I was looking for since January: the burst of life and colour, warmer days, bicycle rides in the countryside. It will happen very soon. When spring starts to unfold, you have to hurry to keep up with the pace of change!

As the nature comes to life, I am determined to follow her example. I need to go out of the house more, to breathe fresh air filled with earthy smells in the forest and the salty air of the sea. I need to move and to feel my heart blossom. Tomorrow I’ll ditch the winter coat and spend the day in the sun. Who’s joining?

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