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Another spring, another Elfia Festival! We were very lucky with the weather this year: the festival took place during the short heatwave that hit the Netherlands in April. It was a bit too warm, especially for people with complex costumes, but I can’t complain! The trees were in bloom, the grass was green and the beautiful park surrounding Kasteel de Haar provided enough shade for us to rest when we needed it. 

The park alleys felt more crowded than last year. That’s why my plans of meeting there with Jerry from Amsterdam Calling failed miserably. It was too crazy to find someone. I proudly carried my improvised Daenerys costume (you can see it below) and took way too many pictures — again. There were a lot of interesting costumes around, we kept pointing in different directions like excited kids: “Did you see the fairy/queen/elves/Viking couple?”. We also drank mead, ate waffles and discussed about what costumes we should wear next year. You might see some Romanian fairy tale characters parading at Elfia in 2019, so stay tuned 😉

But for now let’s admire some costumes from the 2018 edition:

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  1. I have been there twice and really had a blast. Thanks for sharing.


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