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Beatrixpark in Amsterdam

Posted on Apr 10, 2011 by

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Beatrixpark is a small, quiet park in the southern part of Amsterdam, close to the RAI congress centre. It’s named after Queen Beatrix and was built in 1938 as a romantic, English style park with a small lake and open landscape. It was designed by Jakoba (Ko) Mulder, a leading Dutch landscape architect and it is one of the oldest modern city parks in Amsterdam.

When looking for some peaceful relaxation, Beatrixpark would be a great choice since it is less populated than other parks — many locals come here and it’s not a tourist attraction.

A few nice features of this park are the herb garden (guarded by two large stone lions with the coat of arms of Amsterdam) and the kids pool. There’s also the chestnut alley and a handful of art pieces. It has everything a local park needs and it’s clearly underrated when it comes to Amsterdam parks.

I took these pictures at the beginning of March and can’t wait to go there later in spring, when the park will be much greener.

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