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Signs of spring in Frankendael park

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 by

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The first walk of the (upcoming) spring season in my beloved Frankendael park turned out to be a true delight: the forest floor is covered in a carpet made out of snowdrops and crocuses, some of the trees are already blooming and spring herbs are happily growing all over the place.

The air was warm that day, the sun was shining (well, at least from time to time) and lots of people were outside, enjoying this early spring weather. I must admit that having had such a beautiful day in February makes me realise that I don’t really mind the fact that there was no real winter this year — snow is just a distant memory for me at the moment, not something I really long for.

Here are some flowers for your enjoyment, so you can feel a bit of the Dutch spring as well:

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