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I like this former shipyard in Amsterdam Noord. With its industrial look — repurposed cranes and old trams, abandoned metal pieces decorated with street art, warehouses transformed into art studios — it looks somehow like a post-apocalyptic place that started to come back to life. And that’s not far from the truth.

NDSM Amsterdam

NDSM stands for Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company). This area hosted a big shipbuilding facility for about a hundred years before it went bankrupt and was abandoned. Nowadays, this little part of Amsterdam Noord was transformed into a meeting place for creative people, a space for concerts, markets and other events. There are a few lovely restaurants around, like Pllek, Noorderlicht, IJ-Kantine etc. It’s very easy to reach: just take the ferry across the IJ, and you’re there — or make use of the brand new, long-under-construction North-South line! That is, if you don’t live in the Noord already.

I go there when I want a total change of scenery, when I’m in the mood for something else than canals and pretty houses. It’s also a great place for photo sessions. Have a look:

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