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Houthaven and NDSM: a Photo Session with Elena

Posted on Jun 1, 2018 by

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My friend Elena from Havewatercolorswilltravel visited Amsterdam last week, and it was great to spend time together, after a long while! We wandered around our favourite areas of the city, admired the roses in Jordaan, ate good Indian food, queued for ice cream, and laughed a lot. She also wanted to have a photo shoot with me, so we did that on Saturday, a hot, sunny day, when I took her to neighbourhoods she hadn’t visited before: Houthaven and NDSM. She loved them! And I loved having her as a model 😉

Elena photo session 01
Elena photo session 02
Elena photo session 03
Elena photo session 04
Elena photo session 05
Elena photo session 06
Elena photo session 07
Elena photo session 08
Elena photo session 09
Elena photo session 10
Elena photo session 11
Elena photo session 12

If you would like to have a photo shoot with me, don’t be shy — use the contact form!



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