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Sweet tooth series: Puccini Bomboni

Posted on Nov 21, 2022 by

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When it comes to sweet treats, Amsterdam has a few good places where even the pickiest of sweet-lovers will find something to make them say, “Wow!”  Bonbons, tarts, ice-cream, cakes, cupcakes — there’s always someone making the best somewhere in the city (although I’m not sure about macaroons yet, I am still searching). My favourite shops are spread around the city, which is good because it means I don’t have to pass the inviting windows every day.

Today I am going to share Puccini Bomboni, a shop dedicated to delicious chocolate bonbons. So delicious, they made it to National Geographic’s top chocolatiers of the world, and for good reason! These special, handcrafted bonbons come in a variety of flavours; a combination of classic and exotic fillings. They are the perfect sweet gift or the ideal treat when I just feel the need to spoil myself with something tasty and elegant (Amaretto, Calvados and raspberry are some of my favourite flavours).

There are three locations around the city, but I always go to Singel 184, which can be seen in the photos. Bon appétit!

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