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Autumn in Utrecht

Posted on Nov 4, 2017 by

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Another day off, another day-trip. This time, to the charming city of Utrecht, which I absolutely love. I enjoyed strolling around the cosy streets, walking alongside the Oudegracht (Old Canal) and perusing the little antiques&curiosa shops. Utrecht looks gorgeous in fall colours — the old trees bordering the canals shed their rusty leaves on the ground, the fluffy clouds give the city a dramatic look and you can walk around in awe without being bothered by too much traffic. The city centre is lively but not overwhelming and there are many places where you can eat well or have a drink while soaking up the sun.

It was a truly relaxing day which ended with some fun at the Speelklok Museum (the museum of automatically playing musical instruments), but about that in a different article. 

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