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I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to experiment more with black and white photography — and that’s exactly what I did, even though I haven’t shared the results yet.

I love colours! Summer is the perfect time for discovering them, and I absolutely enjoyed this season. I took a lot of colourful pictures: streets brought to life by summer fashion, festivals, canals covered in water lilies, sunflowers, green parks and blue waters. But then, I go through times when I become overwhelmed, the light is too bright and the colours too much. In those moments, I want to see the world in shades of gray — well, on the screen at least.

Here are some photos I played with, stripping them of them hues:

The door
Shadows and light
Watching the seagulls
Scheveningen beach
Menacing clouds
Romantic afternoon
Fog fountain
The cat

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  1. I love taking photos in black and white. In fact, in a lot of situations I end up taking one photo in colour and one in black and white so I have both 😀

    • Oh wow, really? I either take all of them in B&W or edit them later.


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