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A 30 minutes bus ride from Amsterdam Centraal will take you to this old fishing village on the Markermeer Lake, famous for its colourful wooden houses and charming atmosphere. Although it’s well known in the tourist circuit and there are days when it’s flooded with tourists, I still like this pretty place and I am connected to it by nostalgic memories. It’s the first place outside Amsterdam that I visited before moving to the Netherlands. 

The green wooden houses, the shabby chic decorations at the windows or in the gardens, the tranquility, the cats strolling around, the promenade and the harbour — they make my heart sing. I like to stroll through the streets, trying to find hidden areas, adorable canals and bridges.

When you visit Volendam, don’t do it in a rush; have enough time to take in the beauty of the place. You can visit for a whole day or just half, combining it with other nearby villages like Edam, Marken and Monnickendam.

To see: Volendam Museum and the Cheese Factory. 

To do: take the ferry to Marken, another superb village on the Markermeer Lake, or walk along the promenade until you reach Edam, the place of the famous Edam cheese (it’s about an hour walk, and you can also take the bus, of course). 

Ah, it would be so nice to teleport myself to the Volendam promenade right now!

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