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A snowy evening in Amsterdam

Posted on Dec 15, 2017 by

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Snow in Amsterdam is a rare thing. That’s why, when a snow storm hits, you don’t hide indoors, but go out and enjoy it!

The snow melted a few days ago, but the social media in the Netherlands is still flooded with the snowy pictures. Amsterdam under the blizzard, people insisting on moving around by bike, Christmas lights illuminating the white streets, bikes covered in snow and transformed into fluffy shapes, and even snow on the beach – they all filled my Instagram feed for the whole week. It’s a shame that the snow didn’t last longer, because Amsterdam looks magical covered in white. Especially in the evening when the streets glow in the orange colour of the street lamps.

On Monday evening, when the second round of snow hit the Netherlands, I went out to enjoy it and — of course — to take pictures. I had to wrap my camera in a plastic bag to protect it from the snow. It was difficult to shoot like that, but, luckily, I took some nice photos of the city. I wasn’t alone on the streets. There were other people enjoying a walk in the cold but beautiful scenery, and also other crazy photographers trying to capture that beauty. I arrived home that night almost frozen and soaked, but it was worth it!

I think I’ll spam you with snowy pictures for a while, but please forgive me: I do it only because I’m thrilled we’ve seen snow in Amsterdam after a couple of years. And it might be the only time for this winter…

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  1. Magical! White Amsterdam is beautiful!


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