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Unusual Views: Snow on the Beach, or How to Spend Winter at the Seaside

Posted on Feb 17, 2021 by

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One day during the magical week of Dutch winter I went to the beach at Egmond aan Zee. It was a sunny day after the snowstorm, and the sand was covered in snow and big ice blocks in some parts. The dunes looked like mountains, with their white peeks standing more proudly than usual, and the tall dune grass was surrounded by a white carpet.

I’ve dreamed of seeing this kind of landscape since I saw pictures of Zandvoort beach covered in snow in 2017. It took a few years for my dream to come true, although I couldn’t go to the beach during the snowstorm as I would have liked (the roads were closed). Still, it made me happy, and I had a lovely day at the seaside. There’s something wonderful about being at the beach in winter, especially when the season is accentuated by the sight of snow, wouldn’t you agree?

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