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24H Amsterdam

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 by

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A new event to celebrate Amsterdam was inaugurated this month (12-13 January 2013). Called 24H Amsterdam since it purports to show what the city has to offer over a 24-hour period, the event consists of five editions throughout the year. This first one was focused on celebrating the city centre and many theatres, museums, clubs, bars and hotels were open, offering special activities and discounts. They all aimed to show and convince everyone about the beauty and hospitality that can be found in the centre of Amsterdam: special exhibitions, parties, guided tours, canal cruises, horse carriage rides, puppet shows and performances were some of the activities that could be chosen from the 24-hours programme. The event also coincided with Amsterdam Hotel Night, which was an invitation for locals to experience the way a tourist felt in the city by trying out a local hotel; a very interesting idea, I would say, although I haven’t tried it since only a few years ago I also came here as a tourist, so I know quite well how it feels (great, in case you were wondering). I can’t wait to see what the next editions will bring and which parts of the city they will celebrate next!

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