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Water and fresh air in the city – Sloterplas

Posted on May 6, 2017 by

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Today was all about relaxation. I wanted to go somewhere where I could get some fresh air, but I lacked the energy to go outside the city. So I went to Sloterplas, the biggest park in Amsterdam.

I like the history of the Sloterplas Lake: it was created when the city needed to extract soil in order to raise the surrounding area, the neighbourhood of Nieuw-West. This way they created more land and a lovely recreational area at the same time. You have to love the Dutch for their ingenuousness!

I surrounded the whole lake, stopping here and there to admire wild flowers, mushrooms and birds. I sat on a bench and watched a family of rabbits grazing grass. I got a bit of sun and then came back home and slept for a few hours. I think I need a holiday!

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