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Amsterdam traded the gloomy, rainy days with crisp, sunny ones — at least for a while. A happy reminder that spring is closer now, although there will be more grey and cold days until then, even some snow announced for the next week. But that doesn’t stop us from fully enjoying the sunshine, while it’s here. 

January Sun - 01
January Sun - 02
January Sun - 03
January Sun - 04
January Sun - 05
January Sun - 06
January Sun - 07
January Sun - 08
January Sun - 09
January Sun - 10
January Sun - 11
January Sun - 12
January Sun - 13

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  1. It’s nice and crisp and cold today too. I missed this kind of weather around Christmas a bit.

  2. I love your take on Amsterdam in January! You managed to capture the essence of this beautiful city.

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