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Looking for Mushrooms in Amsterdam Westerpark

Posted on Oct 13, 2017 by

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One of my favourite parks when it comes to long walks is Westerpark, because there is a good part of it that is not crowded and is quite wild (controlled wilderness, as everything else in the Netherlands). Since I walk there quite often, I could notice the changes that take place during the year, from when the first herbs start growing and until they bloom, become dried and disappear again until the next spring. I love doing that, it’s my meditation time, when I pull my thoughts together and recharge for the week.

In autumn, when most of the plants have dried up and the tall ones were cut and removed by the nice people taking care of the park, the moment comes when all kinds of mushrooms start growing and taking over the place. This year I went there with my camera, because I wanted to photograph them. I like mushrooms — they are special creatures, neither plants nor animals, they come in various shapes and colours and they all look beautiful! That may come as a surprise to the people who know me and know that I hate eating mushrooms. But eating them is one thing, admiring them is another; in any case, most of those growing up all over Westerpark are not edible. Below is a selection of what I’ve found over the previous weekends. I had fun looking for them under the yellow leaves, on trees, on the canal shore… It’s amazing to have such a great variety in the middle of the city!

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