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First snow of 2013

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 by

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When I woke up today and looked though the window, I had a very nice surprise: there were already more than five centimetres of snow outside — and it was still snowing. Since a few days ago I was complaining about missing the autumn colours, I suppose the Mighty Dutch Weather decided to make me happy with some of the season’s goodies — snow and frost. The traffic was terrible to say the least, everywhere there were blocked roads and snowed trams, the side-walks were dangerously slippery… but I ended up really enjoying it, seeing the large snowflakes slowly drifting towards the earth really made my day!


  1. vai, cat de draguta e poza cu doamna si cei doi catei! :)) f frumoase toate pozele, de fapt!

    • Merci! Doamna era tare haioasa cum isi plimba cateii din magazin in magazin; ei nu erau foarte fericiti 🙂


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