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New brewpub in town

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 by

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On Friday night, Awesome Amsterdam invited me to a crowd-founding party at the Oedipus Brewpub. Oedipus is a local brewery, created by four guys that knew how to make great beer and wanted to have their own place to make more of it and sell it. Being a beer fan, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try some new local beers. The party was a success, there was good music, good beer and a fine mood. They also had burgers to go along with the beer — but unfortunately no vegetarian option. There was a funny named beer for everyone’s taste — my favourite was Mannenliefde (“Men Love”), a spicy and well-rounded beer.

The venue is almost empty at the moment, having no furniture or decorations, but they managed to turn it into a very welcoming place for the party. I hope they raised enough money through the crowd-founding to open the brew-pub in May, as they had planned, because it’s a place where I would like to go again to have fun and taste all the different varieties.

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    • Me too, I hope they’ll keep them also for the future!

  1. Your photos are amazing, I wish mine turned out half as cool! I’m glad you didn’t get any of me stuffing the burger in my face 🙂 you are a very nice person!

    It was super fun! I am so glad you joined. Another new brewery opens Thursday, shall we go check it out soon? xxx

    • Thank you! Ha ha, I couldn’t do that, even if it would have perfectly illustrated how good the burgers were 🙂
      It was super fun, I can’t wait to do it again! I have to go to my Dutch course on Thursday, but I’m happy to go and check their beers another time 😉

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