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As much as I try not to do it, I often let myself carried away by daily tasks and find myself on autopilot. It’s just too easy to fall prey to the routine; time flies, the agenda is always full, there are too many things to do and too little time.

Today was one of those days when I woke up with a too-long mental list of tasks that needed to be done. Around 11 a.m., hyper-caffeinated, awake from an early hour, I had answered dozens of emails, crossed tasks off the list, set up meetings, all with more and more work waiting. Then I looked out the window and noticed the sun. So instead of eating indoors, I went out for lunch. On the street, in front of me, a woman was strolling with her daughter. The little girl stopped often, seeing interesting things everywhere. She stopped next to a yellow leaf, picked it up from the sidewalk and looked at it intensely, as if it was the most wonderful thing. I realised then that I too was still, glancing at her leaf. It was a moment I needed, a reminder to slow down and be more mindful. So I took my camera out of my backpack and walked for about an hour, enjoying the sun and paying attention to the details of the surrounding world. It was exactly what I needed. I even went for the second walk in the evening, since the weather was great and the photo shoot I had in my agenda got cancelled. So this is a reminder for you too: slow down, breathe, and do something nice for yourself today!


A mindful walk 01

A mindful walk 02

A mindful walk 03

A mindful walk 04

A mindful walk 05

A mindful walk 06

A mindful walk 07

A mindful walk 08

A mindful walk 09

A mindful walk 10

A mindful walk 11

A mindful walk 12

A mindful walk 13

A mindful walk 14


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