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Sunday lunch at Bloem Café and a bit of autumn beauty

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 by

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Sundays are best enjoyed with friends. And good food. One of the last Sundays I met Andra from Amsterdamming for a chat over what turned out to be a long lunch. We wanted to go to Café De Plantage, but since it was fully booked we decided to go instead to the lovely Bloem Café, located close by, on Entrepotdok. It was a very good decision! Everything they serve at Bloem was delicious and is 100% biologic — even the drinks.

We had green pea soup, buckwheat & apple pancakes and eggplant sandwich. All fresh, simple and tasty. Their apricot lemonade was a nice surprise: it tastes very much like the lemonade my mom used to make when I was a kid and brings back beautiful summer memories! The place was not extremely crowded, as it often happens with other brunch places. We sat upstairs where it was more quiet and we could have a great view over the yellow leaves of the trees. We talked, as usual, about our common passions: writing, photography, blogging, traveling and many other subjects. The lunch extended long in the afternoon, but we felt good in the cosy room at Bloem, we didn’t feel rushed to leave in order to make space for other hungry people.

When we finally left, I decided to walk my way home, having in mind the goal of capturing the beauty of autumn, a bit in the pictures and a bit in my heart 🙂

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