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I took the train to Menton that day intending to visit its old town. But when I arrived in Menton and tried to find my way from the train station, I got diverted, and found the beach instead. It was so beautiful that I stopped there and couldn’t care less about reaching the old town anymore (luckily, I still did, later that day).

Coming from the grey weather of the Netherlands, 22 degrees C and a blue sea in front of me seemed like heaven. It wasn’t what I was looking for; it was what I needed. I love when the Universe does this, and that’s why I don’t plan my trips very thoroughly. Serendipity is so beautiful, especially when it involves the sea!

Menton beach 01
Menton beach 02
Menton beach 03
Menton beach 05
Menton beach 04
Menton beach 06
Menton beach 07
Menton beach 08
Menton beach 09
Menton beach 10
Menton beach 11
Menton beach 12
Menton beach 13

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