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Keukenhof: One of the Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe

Posted on Mar 12, 2023 by

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Keukenhof is the flower garden in the Netherlands that attracts millions of tourists each year. Also known as the largest flower garden in Europe, or, according to some, the most beautiful garden in Europe. Some would say Keukenhof is too touristy and will advise you to skip it. Others, myself included, will say that you have to visit Keukenhof at least once in your life.

I have already written a few articles about Keukenhof gardens, but, because this month we are discovering the South-Holland province, I had to write one more. The flower park Keukenhof is located in Lisse, a village in the province of South-Holland. There are busses that will take you there, no worries.

Keukenhof is open every year between the end of March and the half of April. In 2023, the park will be open from 23 March to 14 May.

What is the best time to visit Keukenhof?

The park is arranged in such way that, at any time during the opening season, there will be certain flowers in bloom. However, the best month to visit is April. That’s the maximum blooming season and when the weather should be better as well.


Keukenhof location

How to get to Keukenhof

The park is open from 8 AM to 7.30 PM every day. There are a few options to get to Keukenhof, and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Public transport to Keukenhof. With public transport you travel quickly and comfortably to Keukenhof. Please refer to Keukenhof’s website to find all the info regarding the transport, because there are multiple options. But, in a nutshell, these are the main ways in which you can reach this amazing park:

  • You can buy a combiticket to get both your entrance ticket for Keukenhof and the ticket for your journey by public transport on that day (round trip). This is the option that will be the most comfortable because you don’t have to worry about anything. The departure locations are located next to NS trainstations. The driver will drop you off at the main entrance.
  • By train and bus. If you want to have more freedom of moving, you can buy the entrance ticket separately and then get to the park by train and bus. Also in this case, you can use the regular bus lines to Keukenhof or the Express lines. You can board these buses in Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem or Leiden.
  • By Car. Note that parking at Keukenhof is only possible with a pre-purchased ticket that you can buy online, together with the entrance ticket.

What can you do at Keukenhof

The best thing to do is to walk around at your own pace and enjoy the flowers, stop on a bench or at one of the restaurants when needed. But if you want more than that, there are several activities you can do:

  • A boat ride with the whisper boat around Keukenhof. This electrically-propelled whisper boat will take you around the surrounding fields where you can admire the Dutch landscape and the tulip fields. You will have an audio tour as well.
  • Cycle through the flower fields. Rent a bike and explore the flower fields on your own.
  • Guided Tour. You can book a guided tour that will tell you everything about the history, the theme, the various planting techniques, the inspiration gardens, the mill and the various flower shows. It lasts one hour, after which you can explore on your own.
  • Activities for kids: scavenger hunt, the maze, animal meadow.
  • Helicopter flight. For an unforgettable day, book a helicopter flight, to admire the flower fields from above.
  • You can combine the park with a visit to the Keukenhof Castle and a visit to Lisse, the village where this park is located. In Lisse you can visit Museum de Zwarte Tulp (the Black Tulip Museum) to learn about the history of the Bulb District and the origins and the development of bulb culture.

Other info:

  • How much time you can spend in the park? They say the average visit is 3 hours, but from my experience you can stay longer than that. However, when you buy a ticket, it will have an entrance time on it: that is the time when you can enter the park, and you can stay until closing.
  • Accessibility: the park is accessible for electric wheelchairs.
  • Dogs are allowed in Keukenhof if they are kept on a lead and there is a maximum of 1 dog per person. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilions and restaurants, with the exception of guide dogs for the needy.
  • Keukenhof annual pass: if you want to visit more than once, buy the annual pass and admire the garden in all its blooming stages.

You will find more information about the park in these articles:

I also want to mention that Keukenhof is not only a tulip garden; there are many other spring flowers to be admired. The park chooses a theme for each year, and the team works hard the entire winter to bring the garden to life for two months in the spring. Apart from the garden, there are a few pavilions that can be visited and where you might spend more time than expected: they are filled with orchid, lilies, roses and more. When you think you’ve seen all the flowers that are out there, there is always one more. Time flies when you are at Keukenhof. You’ll find yourself in awe at the beauty of flowers and the craftsmanship of the gardeners. You’ll take too many flower pictures and videos, and dream about your future garden. And, next year, you’ll want to visit again. And that’s ok, because now Keukenhof is open again, and hopefully won’t need to close anymore.


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Below are some snapshots from the orchid and lilies pavilions from past years.

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    • Honden zijn toegestaan in Keukenhof als ze zijn aangelijnd en er geldt een maximum van 1 hond per persoon. In de paviljoens en restaurants worden honden niet toegelaten, met uitzondering van geleidehonden voor hulpbehoevenden.

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