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Keukenhof at the end of the season

Posted on Jun 4, 2016 by

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Is it worth visiting Keukeunhof at the end of the season? Are the flowers still in bloom, fresh and beautiful? Is the most beautiful garden of Europe still beautiful?

If you need to know the answer to these questions, then read on. I had a friend visiting Amsterdam in May, and she really wanted to see Keukenhof. We planned our visit on 15 May, the day before the closing of the park and I was a bit skeptical about it, given that it was the end of the season. I feared that all the flowers would be faded by then, and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the real beauty of the biggest flower garden in Europe. Luckily, I couldn’t be more wrong.

When I entered the park, I told my friend: “I will not go over the top with the pictures today, I have tonnes of them from my previous visit“. Famous last words! The first few flower beds we saw were quite wilted, so I could easily keep my promise. As we went further in the park though, the flowers became more and more beautiful, and the number of photos I took increased significantly.

The good thing about the flower arrangements at Keukenhof is that you might see different flowers depending on the period you go there (the park is open between late March and the first half of May), but there will always be some flowers ready to be admired. Or maybe a lot of them! Apart from the outdoor garden, there are also a few amazing pavilions: the ones with orchids and lilies were definitely my favourites.

In conclusion, if you find yourself trying to answer the question: “Are there still flowers at Keukenhof at the end of the season?”, the answer is “Yes! And it’s totally worth a visit even on the very last day!”. Take a look at these gorgeous flowers and see for yourself.

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