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Blooming doors

Posted on Aug 14, 2011 by

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During spring and summer time, Amsterdam is like a giant botanical garden, given the Dutch love for flowers and plants in general; as soon as spring starts to show the first signs of sunny weather, they are very preoccupied with planting and preparing the garden or the flower pots that are going to decorate the urban landscape. Most houses have flowers and plants in front of them: all kinds of flowers, for every season or, even better, for every month, as the house entrance should never be left without some decorating flower pots in bloom.

When it comes to me, the time I enjoyed the most was the roses period, in May-June: it was a time when the doors seemed to actually bloom, with entrances covered in rose bushes. But every flower and every season has it’s charm (indeed, had anyone asked a few months ago, I would have said that I most prefer spring, when crocuses were all over the city). Well, I’d better just let you enjoy the June flowers and I promise to do an update when the next round will be in full bloom!

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