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The Green City: Open Garden Days Amsterdam

Posted on Jul 6, 2019 by

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Open Tuinen Dagen, or Open Garden Days event takes place every year, in June. During those days, the hidden gardens of Amsterdam open their doors for people, and we have the chance to admire true works of art that are normally closed to the public.

As you might know, behind each of the beautiful façades of the canal houses there is a green space — big or small, fancy or simple, depending on the owner’s preferences or gardening aptitudes. I like the Open Garden Days event because it gives me the opportunity to take a sneak peek into these private gardens and because it’s so chill. And I can get inspiration from my dream garden that I will own some day 🙂

With a ticket bought at Museum Van Loon or at the door of any of the starting locations, you can just pop by at every garden you want to see. Don’t be surprised if you will be welcome with tea, coffee and cookies, or even a soup. And in some of the gardens you can attend lovely concerts, surrounded by flowers.

In 2022, after a two years brake because of the pandemic, the gardens of Amsterdam will open their doors again, on 17-19 June. Let’s visit them!

Open Garden Days 01
Open Garden Days 02
Open Garden Days 03
Open Garden Days 04
Open Garden Days 05
Open Garden Days 06
Open Garden Days 07
Open Garden Days 08
Open Garden Days 09
Open Garden Days 10
Open Garden Days 11
Open Garden Days 12
Open Garden Days 13
Open Garden Days 14

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