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Old Side of Amsterdam: Oudeschans area

Posted on Sep 10, 2017 by

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There’s an area in Amsterdam that holds some special memories for me. Sure, after almost seven years of living in this city, there are many areas that I am fond of. But this one is where I first had the idea of starting the blog. It was in my first days of exploring the city, taking pictures and admiring every little detail. One day, I discovered these streets: Oude Waal and Oudeschans, and the surrounding area. I’m not sure why I was immediately charmed by this place. Maybe because it was a sunny day and I first discovered how great Amsterdam’s windows are at being reflecting mirrors for the surrounding beauty. Maybe because it was the first time when I really felt I discovered the old city and was transported back in time. Or because, even if they are just next to the main tourist area, they were very peaceful and quiet. I had the feeling I just discovered a gemstone and I wanted to share it with the world.

I go there sometimes to remember that special feeling. And, even if now I see it in a different light, I still consider it beautiful and unique.


  1. Nice. My ancestors lived there around the turn of the 16th – 17th century and we plan to visit next year. See any historical reference to the De Veer family?

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