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It’s almost the end of August which means, basically, the end of summer. I started to notice a few yellow leaves here and there and that made me sad. Autumn colours are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but nothing compares to the long summer days. I’ll miss the abundance of green, the bright colours of the flowers, the scent of roses on the narrow streets.

But since my latest resolution is to live life more mindfully, I had a walk in the city admiring what is still here and trying not to become nostalgic or think about what will be gone in a few weeks. There’s still sun, green leaves, flowers — even the occasional rose. It’s still summer in Amsterdam.

August in Amsterdam 01
Purple Hydrangea
Cat and flowers
August in Amsterdam 02
August in Amsterdam 03
August in Amsterdam 04
Roses after the rain
Pink Hydrangea
August in Amsterdam 05
August in Amsterdam 06
August in Amsterdam 07
Sailing at sunset

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