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Summer holiday in Italy – Puglia

Posted on Jul 14, 2015 by

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It’s time to inaugurate a new category on to this website, one that is not about Amsterdam or The Netherlands, but about travels to other countries, adventures on different lands and beautiful places that we are lucky enough to visit.

This summer started for me with a sunny holiday in Italy, a short route through the lovely region of Puglia, famous for its special architecture, food and tropical-like beaches.

Puglia is the heel of the Italian boot, not a very big region, but with a big concentration of beautiful places.

It’s difficult to visit all of them in one week (the length of my trip). Having a car to get around is handier, but I decided to do the entire trip by public transport. I had to cross off some places from my list, mostly because there wasn’t enough time, sometimes the train station was too far from the city or the bus service was not in place yet (Salento bus starts its service only after 25 of June, for example, and I was there before). Despite that, the holiday was very pleasant and relaxing, and it proved once again that sometimes, not sticking to the initial plan can be better.

I had an interesting experience in Bari, I was charmed by the narrow streets of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, I fell in love with Lecce’s pastel colours and baroque architecture, and I swam happily in the turquoise waters of Porto Cesareo and Torre lapillo. And I ate, of course, good food. A lot of good food.

I’ll be back with some stories about each of the places, but, for now, I’m giving you just a glimpse of the holiday.

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