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Attending a Pro-Scottish Independence March in Edinburgh

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 by

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My trip to Edinburgh coincided with the pro-Scottish independence march organised on 5 October. While walking down the Royal Mile on Saturday morning, we met people carrying flags, heading towards the Holyrood park where the march was supposed to start. We couldn’t help but following them and we ended up climbing a few rocks on the Arthur’s Seat so we can have a better view over the crowds. It was a great sight, all the people gathered there, some wearing traditional clothes, other bringing their kids, their dogs (so many dogs!), asking for independence. The mood was cheerful and peaceful and their enthusiasm was contagious.

My friend and I were merely observers, but when the march started, we blend into the crowds and walked with them for a little while, before finding our way to a cosy restaurant where we dried up and ate good food, happy to have had the chance to witness such an event. 

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