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Shopping for antiques – De Weldaad Amsterdam

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 by

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If you like the old vintage style and you’re looking for decorative items for your home, then I recommend you pay a visit to De Weldaad. This cosy shop, situated at the Noordermarkt, sells antiques, old unrestored furniture and urban renewal products. It’s one of my favourite shops for vintage inspired home décor. Every time I go to the Noordermarkt Saturday Market, I pass by this shop and see what’s new in stock or to search for some home inspiration. I like all the products, but I have a passion for the small glass flower vases.

They have a shop on the 9 Streets area as well, although that one is smaller and doesn’t have as many pieces of furniture as the one at the one in Noordermarkt.

Here are some pictures of things that captured my attention:

De Weldaad 01
De Weldaad 02
De Weldaad 03
De Weldaad 04
De Weldaad 05
De Weldaad 06
De Weldaad 07
De Weldaad 08
De Weldaad 09
De Weldaad 10
De Weldaad 11

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