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I was charmed by De Amsterdamse Muis, a little shop on Haarlemmerdijk 36, the instant I stepped inside. This cosy place, packed with vintage furniture and lovely home decor, looks exactly like a shop that you would expect to see in a romantic movie filmed in some English cottage village.

My house doesn’t have a shabby chic decor, but I do admire this style and sometimes I like to bring some accents to my home as well — a little coffee cup, candles or small decorations. Combining both antiques and newly manufactured items, this little shop is a great source of inspiration, when it comes to preparing the house for holidays or any other event.

Until you pay a visit to the shop, enjoy a few pictures I took there a while ago:

De Amsterdamse Muis 01
De Amsterdamse Muis 02
De Amsterdamse Muis 03
De Amsterdamse Muis 04
De Amsterdamse Muis 05
De Amsterdamse Muis 06
De Amsterdamse Muis 07
De Amsterdamse Muis 08

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