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Book launch: Vicky Hampton’s Working lunch

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 by

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Another week, another book launched by a fellow blogger: this time it’s Vicky, alias Amsterdam Foodie. Her book — Vicky Hampton’s Working Lunch —  is a collection of easy to bake recipes, especially conceived to help people working in an office to prepare a healthy lunch. All of them require only basic kitchen equipment and a little bit time, and they’ll save people from eating every day the same boring and sometimes unhealthy food from the canteen, or the endless cheese/ham sandwiches from the small shop around the corner. Among the ones that appealed to me were: Couscous Kedgeree, Cucumber Gazpacho and Crunchy Thai Salad, but I’m sure they are all delicious and, even if not all vegetarian, they can be easily adapted so that even a veggie foodie like myself would enjoy them.

Congratulations, Vicky! Let’s hope many people will spice up their lunch in the Dutch offices 🙂

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