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Nostalgic for the Colours of Autumn

Posted on Jan 13, 2013 by

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Even if the calendar shows us it’s winter, going by the temperatures alone the past month was very autumn-like. It felt like I was back in October, but something was missing from the picture: colours! Autumn brings to Amsterdam spectacular colours and the whole city is covered in golden, red and brown leaves as well as every other variation in-between.

I found myself missing them these short days of fake autumn, but fortunately I had photos to console me… I’ll let them speak for themselves.


  1. Dana, am descoperit intamplator blogul tau si nu ma pot abtine sa nu te felicit pentru entuziasmul cu care “respiri” orasul! Ma bucur ca iti place si ca percepi Amsterdamul dintr-o perspectiva care unora le scapa. Blog on! 🙂

    • Multumesc! Si eu am descoperit blogul tau acum cateva zile si mi-a placut foarte mult. Chiar vroiam sa iti scriu, dar mi-ai luat-o inainte. Felicitari si tie pentru blog 😉


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