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Delft is one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands. An old city with a young vibe, with narrow streets and many cosy shops to discover. In one of my visits, last summer, I stumbled upon this little chocolate shop: Van der Burgh Chocolaad. The beautiful patterns of the chocolate packaging I’ve seen in the window charmed me, so I entered to see what treats I can get. Inside the cute shop, I noticed something you don’t see often: someone was manually packing the chocolates! How cool is that?! The interior was cosy, with a few antiques decorations and smelled heavenly. I learned that it’s a family business and they sell handmade chocolates that are also packaged by hand, because they believe that every chocolate should be a gift. And a gift it was!  I left the place with a few sweets, my favourite being a chocolate with pieces of confit orange — I opened it as soon as I was outside and it quickly disappeared.

Chocolate shop in Delft 01
Chocolate shop in Delft 02
Chocolate shop in Delft 03
Chocolate shop in Delft 04
Chocolate shop in Delft 05
Chocolate shop in Delft 06
Chocolate shop in Delft 07
Chocolate shop in Delft 08
Chocolate shop in Delft 09
Chocolate shop in Delft 10

P.S. This is not a sponsored article, I paid for my chocolate and I don’t regret it 😀

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  1. Now I want chocolate 😀 It’s a good thing I don’t live too near Delft otherwise I might spend a lot of money in that shop.

    • Yes, it’s kind of impossible to leave the place with only one chocolate 😀

        • Ha ha! Yes, I am that person who buys only one. Most of the times 😀

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