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It’s summer and everybody is feeling cheerful and looking for ways to spend time outside. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors in Amsterdam, but one of the most enjoyable is from the water: a canal cruise is always a good idea!

Sailing through the city centre canals is one of the preferred activities of both locals and tourists alike. But not everyone owns a boat or would be brave enough to rent one and drive it unassisted. For that reason, many people choose to take a canal cruise. Seeing Amsterdam from the water gives you a different perspective, and for an hour or so you can just relax and listen to the guide, or maybe have a drink or a nice dinner, if you decide to go for one of these options.

The canal cruise boats are large (most of them electric), and the cruises can be enjoyed either during the day or when the sun has gone down, to admire the beautiful lights.

As already mentioned in another post, my first choice would be a water bike or a small boat, and if I were to do a ‘top 3 ways to see Amsterdam by water’ I would place the cruise in second place. That’s because the canal bikes offer the freedom to choose your own pace and route and give far better opportunities to take pictures. That being said, there definitely are some situations when the canal cruise is more suitable; a cold winter’s day for instance. When it’s windy and raining, a cover over your head can decide if you enjoyed the experience or not!

If you decide to try a canal cruise during your stay in Amsterdam, bear in mind that a few companies offer different tours, so it’s not too difficult to find the right one for you. Before you start your cruise, be aware that if there’s a big queue to board the ship, you should really be in the first half to get a good seat, otherwise I suggest waiting for the next round. A place by the window or outside is a must if you want to actually see the beautiful sights and to take good pictures. Another option would be to choose the smaller, open boats instead of the big ones (they sail between April and September only).

Here are some links to canal cruise companies to choose from (in no particular order):

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