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Autumn has arrived, and the weather is as moody as it gets here in the Netherlands. All we can do is make the best out of it: stealing a few moments in the sun before running for shelter when the rain starts pouring, going to the market to get fresh produce, visiting friends for a cosy afternoon indoors listening to the sound of rain.

I am still waiting for the sunny, golden days that make this season so beautiful; maybe October still has some pleasant weather in stock for us. Although, Amsterdam looks gorgeous in any weather, don’t you think?

Moody autumn day 01
Moody autumn day 02
Moody autumn day 03
Moody autumn day 04
Moody autumn day 05
Moody autumn day 06
Moody autumn day 07
Moody autumn day 08
Moody autumn day 09
Moody autumn day 10
Moody autumn day 11
Moody autumn day 12
Moody autumn day 13
Moody autumn day 14
Moody autumn day 15
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