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The gloomy days are back! Slowly, we’re getting reacquainted with the grey skies, rainy days and cold temperatures. But I’m happy about it. We had a good summer and it feels only right to have a change of season now. I’m happily thinking about all the goodness fall is bringing: yellow leaves and foggy mornings, hazy afternoons, hot teas and soups, pies eaten by candlelight in cosy evenings.

Let the autumn begin!

Autumn is back 01 Autumn is back 02

Autumn is back 03

Autumn is back 04

Autumn is back 05

Autumn is back 06

Autumn is back 07

Autumn is back 08

Autumn is back 09

Autumn is back 10

Autumn is back 11

Autumn is back 12

Autumn is back 13

Autumn is back 14

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  1. I have no problem with Autumn arriving either. I enjoy the summer but I also like it when the seasons start shifting and moving towards the more cozy, indoor kind of weather.

  2. I agree with you that Amsterdam still has a lot to offer in autumn.
    It makes you enjoy the beautiful colours of the trees, and later when the leaves are all blown off the trees you can see the details of the architecture of the town better. And offcourse it is the time, especially when it is almost winter, to stay indoors more.

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