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The long awaited spring is finally showing signs of coming to the Netherlands! I’ve just came out from isolation after Covid, and went for a nice walk in the sun. Some trees have started to bloom, others have their branches full of green, plump buds, and spring flowers seem to thrive this year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many snowdrops! It’s very pleasant to feel the sun on my face again, to see the nature coming back to life. February is usually one of the hardest months of the year for me, and it wasn’t any different this year. Dealing with lingering effects of the disease and with the current European situation is a bit easier when you can go out and enjoy the sun. So, if you didn’t go for a walk in the park recently, leave everything and go out right now!

Signs of Spring 01
Signs of Spring 02
Signs of Spring 03
Signs of Spring 04
Signs of Spring 05
Signs of Spring 06
Signs of Spring 07
Signs of Spring 08
Signs of Spring 09
Signs of Spring 10
Signs of Spring 11
Signs of Spring 12
Signs of Spring 13
Signs of Spring 14

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