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An instant of Amsterdam — day 1

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 by

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Today I’m starting a 30-day photo project on the blog — and the theme will be “An Instant of Amsterdam”. This means that every day, for one month I’ll post a photo or two capturing the essence of that day.

Why am I doing it? Because it seems I never get enough time to write down all the things I want to tell you about, so maybe a shorter version of my daily life in Amsterdam will help me fix this a bit. I also hope that the project will push me to do more interesting things or maybe try different photography styles And, of course, because I think it’s fun and it makes me happy 🙂

Here is the first photo, from 12 November: the morning light on Westerdok. I was happy to see the sun after a few grey days and stopped for a moment to admire the special light and the birds.

Morning on Westerdok



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