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I think I can safely say we’re done with winter for this year. Soon, everything will be covered in flowers and the days will be longer and I will forget all about this long winter which was quite hard for me. The only highlights of the past winter were the few snow days and the freezing of the canals for a brief time. Otherwise, the Dutch winter is something I very much dislike. Sure, I could like the days when the light is special, with pink sunsets and mauve clouds, or the long shadows that people and things make on the pavement in the light of the afternoon sun. And I do like them, but most of the time we have to deal with grey and depressing days. I can’t wait for the moment when the trees branches will start to be covered in leaves again, instead of moaning in the wind bare and sad. For the moment when the tulips will be everywhere in the city, and I will have drinks with friends in the warm light of the sunset. 

So, I will wrap up this winter in a few pictures and say goodbye. I am ready for spring now, please. 

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