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True Blue Delft

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 by

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On one of my visits to Delft, I stumbled upon this lovely place : True Blue Delft. It’s a three-in-one concept; photo studio, tearoom and souvenir shop. A cosy space where friendly people welcome you with a smile on their face. There are a few tables where you can sit and enjoy a tea, the souvenirs are quite unique and at the back of the room is the photo studio. I wasn’t planning to have my photo taken in a traditional Dutch costume, but I had to admire the inviting décor. A nice detail is the fact that the shop is not commercial at all. In fact, it is a nonprofit organisation whose purpose is to help people with disabilities.

Later edit: looks like the place was closed by now… but Delft has many pretty shops to check out, no worries!

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