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Indian Summer

Posted on Oct 3, 2011 by

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As temperatures reached record highs for October (in The Netherlands it was the warmest 1 October since 1908), people left their houses and they all headed to the beach or the various parks to enjoy the wonderful sun under a perfectly cloudless sky. One rarely witnesses such an event in this part of the world (not to mention for a few days in a row), so it was quite the occasion. Looking at these images from Vondelpark, there were so many people that I had the feeling there was an open air festival going on there. Every sunny spot was filled by someone eager to fully enjoy the days of indian summer, to get as much Vitamin D as possible and enough warmth to last for the whole winter. This truly was a perfect weekend, I would say!

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  1. Wonderful! All pictures from your blog make me wanna visit Amsterdam.


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